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Spring Makes Its Presence Known This Weekend

After a brief chilly spell this week, with many morning lows in the 30s Tuesday, spring arrives officially on Wednesday. The real warmth will be this weekend, especially on Sunday. Highs could reach 80 degrees across the Southeast. NOAA CPC’s […]

Below Normal Through the 23rd, Then Warmup

  BELOW NORMAL TREND OVER THE NEXT 7 DAYS THEN WARM Currently we are in a chilly pattern here along the East Coast, and will be for the foreseeable future until a shift to spring happens sometime around the 24th […]

Forecast Discussion 3/14

Forecast Discussion: Thursday will be partly cloudy with the exception of some light showers in the mountains of North Carolina and along the coast of the Carolinas. Temperatures will be hot and in the high 60’s in the North Carolina […]

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