Pattern Changes

Another Heatwave to Kick Off July

As we are just recovering from our recent blast of heat, another heatwave is on the horizon. This time, it will not be centered in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. This is relatively good news for those who have been suffering for the past week or so in the South.

The bad news is the heat will be on for the Northeast. Locations such as New York City and Boston could experience record heat as we begin July.

NYC could see highs in the upper 90s and Boston could come close to reaching the century mark. The GFS is having Boston at 106 F on the 2nd. This could be overdone slightly, but it is still very possible for them to reach 100. Even locations in Maine are forecasted by the GFS to reach triple digit heat.

Residents from Philadelphia to Boston to Maine should prepare for a very hot start to July. Even DC could feel the heat, but not as much as the Northeast. Electric bills can be expected to be higher in New England due to excessive AC use. Cars should be serviced to avoid breakdowns from engine overheating.

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