Cold and Snow Have Historically Hit North Carolina Before/On Christmas

Living in the South, it feels like snow is a rare thing. It’s not totally unheard of, however. There were a few years in the past where there was snow in NC in the month of November. Check out the totals from November 18 and 19th of 2000. Most of eastern NC was all rain, however western NC was all snow. T stands for a trace of snow. That means that it could have just snowed momentarily and it didn’t really stick, in other places it did. The year 2000 is NOT one of the years that we would compare this year to.

Also, before in December during a pattern similar to the one we are seeing this year, it had snowed during the first week. Here is some snow that happened on December 4th and 5th, 2003. This year could server as an analog that we could see some kind of freak event before Christmas. Here are the totals from that storm, courtesy  of NWS Raleigh, NC. Much of the Piedmont only saw a trace.


Some of you may be asking, has there been a white Christmas before in NC? The answer is a very enthusiastic yes! This is also one of the years where we are seeing a similar pattern. Historically, it is possible. The chances are slim, however they go up in a pattern such as the one that we are seeing now.

While not as widespread, it also happened in 1981, December 25th –


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Author: Michael Griffith

I presently reside in Gastonia, NC about 30 minutes west of Charlotte. I have a bachelor's in Meteorology from Penn State University, and a Master's from Plymouth State.