Comparison of 3 Major Global Forecast Models for This Weekend’s Dangerous Coastal Storm


The three major global forecast models, the GFS, Canadian, and European are not in excellent agreement on the Mother’s Day storm, however they all agree on a low somewhere off the coast. The European has been known for it’s excellent medium-range forecasting skill. And it has a low just off the Delmarva peninsula and off the south Jersey coast. This would spell a nor’easter for these areas, and would mean high winds, heavy flooding rains, and beach erosion, as well as coastal flooding.

The Canadian and GFS models are not on board yet, but a strong coastal low that they both show could still spell trouble for the North Carolina and Virginia coasts. We will know more throughout this week as the model solutions evolve. For now, pay attention to the latest developments if you live along the coast.

Three major models on this weekends low position:


Mike Griffith, Meteorologist

East Coast Weather Association/Carolina Weather Pro

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