From Cool to Heatwave in Less Than a Week


Latest GEFS ensembles show that the Eastern US will be in a trough through the end of this week, at least until early Friday. Cool and storminess will be the headlines for many locations. The Rockies out West will begin a gradual warmup as an upper-level ridge starts to build. This is for Friday 500mb height anomalies:

Then, starting on the 12th, this upper level ridge will push east, and will bake the entire East Coast in a 90 degree + heatwave. Tempatures could reach the mid 90s in the Southeast including Florida. This heatwave might go out with a bang according to the latest guidance. This would be in the form of severe weather. Prepare for summer next week! Who would have thought since it is June?


Mike Griffith, Meteorologist


Author: Michael Griffith

I presently reside in Gastonia, NC about 30 minutes west of Charlotte. I have a bachelor's in Meteorology from Penn State University, and a Master's from Plymouth State.

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