Frost and Freeze Alerts for a Chilly Tuesday Morning

Now that fall is FINALLY here, we can expect some of the higher elevations to experience a frost or freeze by Tuesday morning sunrise. This would mean you need to protect any plants that are sensitive, and make sure that any vegetables are picked and brought inside. Also make sure your pets and other animals keep warm tonight.

This frost threat moves further South for Wednesday morning. Please stay tuned as we will have that information once available.

Here are the frost/freeze alerts for tonight/early Tuesday:

Anywhere in the blue you may need extra time in the morning to scrape frost off your car windows. Plan for this so you are not late!

-Mike G.


Author: Michael Griffith

I presently reside in Gastonia, NC about 30 minutes west of Charlotte. I have a bachelor's in Meteorology from Penn State University, and a Master's from Plymouth State.