Hurricane Season

GFS, Euro Hint at Potential Gulf Tropical Trouble


We aren’t quite at the beginning of hurricane season yet, but we are seeing signs of an area of low pressure in the Caribbean and Gulf. The official start date is June 1st. But we are already seeing activity in the tropics.

What exactly is this disturbance going to be? We have a while to watch it, and it can range from just an area of tropical low pressure or possibly a tropical storm. This early in the season it’s difficult to get strong tropical systems due to the lack of needed “fuel” for these storms to intensity. The ocean waters are not quite warmed up yet.

The Euro is signaling below-normal heights in the Gulf, which is where our area of low pressure could end up.


The GFS is a bit more robust, and could be indicating something to watch later this month.

We will keep you updated on this potential tropical development if it materializes!

-Mike G.