Local Forecasts

Hot With Storms, Some Severe Over Next Few Days

There will be some thunderstorms over the next few days that will bring cooling relief with downpours, but it will remain humid. The heat will continue across much of the lowcountry. However, there could be a storm in the late evenings that would bring cooling relief. The issue is any storm could have strong gusty winds and hail.

The mid 90s for highs will continue across eastern SC and low to mid 90s across much of NC. Western NC could only see highs in the upper 80s and also along the NC beaches.

Over the next few days the general trend will be hot during the day, storms later in the day, and then humid nights. This is common across the South for this time of year.

Western NC will see a bit of relief from the heat. Even much of eastern NC could see relief after a storm. Otherwise expect the humidity to continue, as it’s officially summer.