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Operational Daily Forecast

Click for sample daily forecast PDF

This PDF is emailed daily to our business clients. Send an email to with questions or to begin service.

Our services are flexible and we can fit any budget. Our services can help your business maximize profit with:

  • Site-specific forecasting
  • Nowcasting during hurricane season
  • Nowcasting during winter storms, snow and ice
  • Past weather event records and research

Premium Blog and Email Alerts 5.50 per month or 65.00/year

Monthly members will receive a periodic email newsletter sent out discussing the medium range forecast (up to 3 weeks including weekends) with models and also text discussions. Weekend outdoor plans can benefit from this product. Graphics will also be available and emailed to members before anyone else so they can get first-hand information. This is typically information that is not made public or available on Facebook. Also any blog posts that are member-only you will have access to.

Monthly Individual Memberships are Ideal For:

  • Weather Enthusiasts
  • Those who want to learn about the weather
  • Those who want first-hand forecast information not available on social media
  • Accurate forecasts not hyped by the media

Free sample forecasts and reports are available by sending an email to

Level Price  
Monthly Premium $5.50 per Month. Customers in NC will be charged 4.75% tax. Select
Yearly Premium $65.00 per Year. Customers in NC will be charged 4.75% tax. Select