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Newsletter and Email Alerts 5.50 per month

Monthly members will receive a periodic email newsletter sent out discussing the medium range forecast (up to 3 weeks including weekends) with models and also text discussions. Weekend outdoor plans can benefit from this product. Graphics will also be available and emailed to members before anyone else so they can get first-hand information. This is typically information that is not made public or available on Facebook. Also any blog posts that are member-only you will have access to.

Monthly Individual Memberships are Ideal For:

  • Weather Enthusiasts
  • Those who want to learn about the weather
  • Those who want first-hand forecast information before anyone else
  • Accurate forecasts not hyped by the media

Sponsorships/Business Clients

Business clients will receive personalized graphics, models, and discussions based upon each individual business location. Business subscribers will also be given priority with weather discussions. Also business clients will be the first to receive heads-up during active weather, severe weather, winter storms, and hurricanes. A more personalized approach will be used. Personalized video forecasts for your business will be used. In addition, your business ad and contact information will be used on our website, graphics, and videos if desired. Long-range outlooks and overall temperature and precipitation trends will be discussed.

Business Clients Forecasts are Ideal For:

  • Fruit Farmers
  • Regular Farmers
  • Snow Removal Experts
  • Landscapers
  • Energy Companies (Gas, Electric)
  • Schools/Universities
  • Sports Teams
  • Film and Production
  • Construction
  • Doctor Offices/Dentists
  • Aviation

Free sample forecasts and reports are available by sending an email to

Also email the above address for more information on sponsorship, SMS text weather alerts, and other services such as following you while you are on vacation or other outdoor plans. Also, we do aviation weather forecasts and radio and video forecasts for specific events and/or clients.


Level Price  
Monthly Newsletter and Email Updates $5.50 per Month. Customers in NC will be charged 4.75% tax. Select
Business Clients $103.50 per Month. Customers in NC will be charged 4.75% tax. Select
Business Clients Plus $206.50 per Month. Customers in NC will be charged 4.75% tax. Select